Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Why do we celebrate New Year Day?

Why do we celebrate New Year Day?

Why do we celebrate New Year Day

Nowadays, we celebrate New Year Day on January 1 but it’s a relatively new trend. It is thought that starting the New Year should be a party-day to make the whole year as awesome as the beginning, giving birth to the New Year Day.

If we look into the past, the first recording of such celebration is traced back to 2000 BC in Mesopotamian time period. Many of our ancestors used to celebrate it on the fall equinox while others in the winter solstice.

Every calendar and culture have a different day when the year begins but according to the most used calendar in these days, i.e. modern Gregorian calendar, people celebrate the year’s starting on January 1.

This day is dedicated to the Deity Janus, after whom the month if January is named. He is   considered as the god of beginnings. It is observed as the most celebrated holiday, especially in all the western countries.

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