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Why do we celebrate Valentines Day?

Why do we celebrate Valentines Day?

Why do we celebrate the Valentines Day

February 14 is widely accepted as the Valentine Day, which falls in the month of romance. It is celebrated as the day of showing affection and love to the friends, soul mate, and family. Witnessed majorly in Christianity, the occasion is accepted and well-celebrated in many other countries on the same day.

The day is named after the Saint Valentine, who was a catholic priest. In the 3rd Century, Romanian Emperor Claudius II ordered the soldier NOT to marry in order to keep them fully devoted to their country only. Saint Valentine started making the marriages of such soldiers possible in secret ceremonies, thus gaining popularity as a savior of love.

He was imprisoned for this unlawful act and was tortured for the same. In prison, he cared for the rest prisoners and the blind daughter of Jailer, falling in love with her later. Before his death, he wrote a letter to his beloved girl. The signature ‘From your Valentine’ was first witnessed in that letter which later became the commonly used signature, used by the lovers.

Valentine is celebrated in numerous ways as the festival of love in the remembrance of the most heroic roman saint Valentine.

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Why do we celebrate New Year Day?

Why do we celebrate New Year Day?

Why do we celebrate New Year Day

Nowadays, we celebrate New Year Day on January 1 but it’s a relatively new trend. It is thought that starting the New Year should be a party-day to make the whole year as awesome as the beginning, giving birth to the New Year Day.

If we look into the past, the first recording of such celebration is traced back to 2000 BC in Mesopotamian time period. Many of our ancestors used to celebrate it on the fall equinox while others in the winter solstice.

Every calendar and culture have a different day when the year begins but according to the most used calendar in these days, i.e. modern Gregorian calendar, people celebrate the year’s starting on January 1.

This day is dedicated to the Deity Janus, after whom the month if January is named. He is   considered as the god of beginnings. It is observed as the most celebrated holiday, especially in all the western countries.

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